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Report: Softbank in talks to buy Sprint for $19B


Reviewing the “Arrow” Pilot with The Dude

How Microsoft’s Copyright Claim Went Awry


Microsoft was just trying to stop a leak.

With the software giant’s Windows 8 on the cusp of being released (it’s slated to appear this month), the company was doing its best to prevent the unauthorized distribution of a beta version of the software through leaks and torrents. To do that, as is common practice under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), Microsoft asked Google to block hundreds of search results that might have linked to copyright-infringing material.

Generally, these requests are automated; a computer program monitors the Internet for keywords and other markers linked to unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. And as with any automated system, occasionally things go awry. That’s what apparently happened with a series of Microsoft filings from earlier this summer, as a recently discovered, 892-item legal notice from July shows. While the bulk of Microsoft’s claims are legitimate, according to Boing Boing

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#FirstWorldProblems, as Read by Poverty-Stricken Haitians


Sometimes the grim reality of life in the First World is just so hard that you have to tweet about it.

“I hate when my house is so big that I need two wireless routers,” one brave Twitter user lamented.

The hashtag #FirstWorldProblems is one of the social media service’s most popular memes; up to five tweets per second are sent describing (it must be said, ironically) the trials and tribulations of life in the developed world.

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For global advertising firm DDB and WATERisLIFE, a nonprofit that aims to bring clean drinking water to impoverished countries, that sounded like a marketing opportunity.

A team from the two companies traveled to Haiti — the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with an average salary of $100 a year — to create an ad campaign in which Haitians respond…

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