The next evolution of schools: Highlights from our chat with Will Richardson

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What will schools look like in 25 years? Educator and parent Will Richardson sees profound changes beginning to bubble up in classrooms around the world. In the past, knowledge was bounded — both in books and in classrooms. But today, the internet provides nearly endless learning opportunities for anyone who is interested. Which means that education should no longer focus on dates and facts, all just a Google search away, but instead on critical thinking.

In the TED Book Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere, Richardson outlines his ideas on how schools and teachers can step up curriculums. On Monday, Oct. 9, the TED Conversations community hosted Richardson for an hour-long chat about education. Read the full discussion — and see some of the juiciest interactions below.

Muhammad Hafiz asked:

How would you suggest reforming education — changing it from the traditional one…

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